Committee Functions


It is requisite to the long term success of the Messiah Choral Society that members step up to serve on the committees necessary to create our production. Listed below are the committee opportunities. If you would like to serve on a committee, contact the committee head or Ed Arnos 970-245-4914

Production Committee - The production committee shall be responsible for the following:

Contracting for a performance venue and arranging insurance to cover the production.
Identify & Contract for a rehearsal venue
Identify & Contract an Artistic Director
Identify & Contract a Performance Conductor
Identify & Contract a Rehearsal Accompanist
Identify & Contract for Soloists - Soloist Selection Subcommittee
Identify &Contracting for Orchestra Players - Concertmaster currently assists with recommendations.

VP for Contracts actually produces and signs the contracts.

Publicity Committee - The Publicity Committee shall be responsible for publicizing the:

Call for Singers - Target is 50 to 150 choral singers
Soloist Auditions - Target is 4 of the best available soloists
Annual Performance - Target is to fill the venue

We need to fill a 1500 seat venue. The VP Publicity needs your help.

Program Committee - The Program Committee shall be responsible for creating a program for the Performance. The program must contain:

a message from the President of the MCS
a message from the Artistic Director
Soloist headshots & bios
A list of all performers
the list of "Founding Donors" honoring their commitment to starting the organization
the list of "Sustaining Donors" the list of "Trust Fund Donors"
a list of all donors for that year's performance
the text of the performance shall be included in the program

Program Chairman will lead the committee

There may be commercial ads in the program to offset the cost of its production. We need three or four people to do this task. We have used Microsoft Publisher 2007 to create the program. The files from last year's program are available on the google drive and are of significant help in managing this task. Selling the ads and entering them into Publisher are the main effort. We have a relationship with a local printer for getting them printed.

Rehearsal Committee - The rehearsal committee is responsible for setup and take down of the rehearsal facilities (conductor's podium and chairs) and of the performance facilities (risers, chairs, podium, orchestra stands). We need 6 men without back trouble. For each rehearsal we need 2 people to volunteer to come at 1:30 and set up chairs and the conductor podium. The chorus takes the chairs down. For the orchestra/soloist rehearsal we will need 4 men to setup and take down stands and podium. For the dress rehearsal and performance, we will need 6 men and some hired help to set up and take down the risers, stands, chairs, and podium. 
Please contact our president if you would liket to serve on this committee.

Fundraising Committee - The Fundraising Committee shall be responsible for raising the donations required to implement that year's board approved budget and for producing and mailing the thank you notes to donors on behalf of the Corporation. Ed Arnos, Bernadette Christiansen, Patricia Eble, and Rod Harry are already active on this committee. If you find it easy to ask people for support of a musical gift, come and join us. We need a few more people, particularly to focus on $100 donations from churches.

Refreshment Committee - Last year several members organized and created a refreshment table which nourished us during breaks at our dress rehearsal. 

Nominating Committee
 - The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for producing a slate of Officers and Directors for the Annual Meeting and a slate of candidates for heads of the Standing Committees for the newly elected Officers. This is a good position if you have a talent for spotting people that like to make things happen. We need about 3 people.