Rehearsal Notes


for Use with Rehearsal CD

We are rehearsing the choruses listed below. Those with blue underlined names have pronunciation details that you can access by clicking on the blue underlined names. They are quite intimidating because Jim's notes look like phonetic spellings of all the words and it is not practical to try and memorize all these phonetic details. In fact, he is specifying which bel canto vowel sound to sing. It is far easier to practice singing the bel canto vowels (there are only 7) on the Bel Canto Basics page and then using the pronunciation details when you are in doubt as to which vowel to sing.

The pronunciation details also specify the measures in which your part is emphasized. Mark these in your score and that part is done.

Many of the details on emphasis for sylables can be summarized by "Sing it as you would speak it." As this idea sinks in to your singing you will automatically implement many of the details.

#4 And the Glory of the Lord - Click on Chorus name for details.

#7 and He Shall Purify

#9 O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion

#12 For unto us a Child is born - Don't punch the "us", and "born".

#17 Glory to God

#21 His yoke is easy - The score indicates with a + near the dynamic marking if that part is to be emphasized relative to the other parts.

#22 Behold the Lamb of God This is not a declarative "Behold" but rather a solemn and contemplative "see what is happening here as Christ takes upon himself the sins of the world".

#24, 25, and 26 are attaca (attached) i.e. we move seamlessly from one to the other without pause.

#24 Surely He hath borne our griefs - Pronounce "surely" with 3 syllables "shuh eh lee" not "Shirley". Build to "borne", emphasize "griefs" and build to "sorrows.

#25 And with His Stripes

#26 All we like sheep have gone astray - The intent of the text is that we, behaving like sheep, have gone astray. It can also mean that we like sheep in the same way we like a good hamburger. To distinguish between these, emphasize "we" and "sheep" with less emphasis on "like". This takes practice because our instinct is to emphasize like. 
The impact of this chorus is after we symbolize running around in every direction with every part entering at a different time and singing loudly (forte), the tempo suddenly slows to adagio for a still separated "and the Lord hath laid on Him" and then ends with a unison, subito piano(suddenly soft), "the iniquity of us all".
Note the vowel sound we sing on the last 3 words is the same, uh-,v-uhh-, s'uh-ll.

#28 He trusted in God - Although the text is from the psalms, it is used here to invoke the image of the crowd jeering as Christ suffers on the cross. The mood is taunting and sarcastic, the melismas sound like tauting laughter. This is the only really mean(sinister) chorus.

#33 Lift up your heads

#35 Let all the angels of God

#37 The Lord gave the Word

How Beautiful are the feet - Alternative arrangement with Sopr & Alto soloists

#39 Their Sound is Gone Out

#41 Let us break their bonds asunder

#44 Hallelujah - Don't oversing. Build to each "lu" and decrescendo on the "juh".

#46 Since by man came death

#51 But Thanks be to God

#53 Worthy is the lamb

#53a Amen